Who we are

The easiest answer would be : we are a non-governmental organisation for development. But we do not like this answer because it tells little of what we actually are, the values that guide our work, what we do, our cooperation projects, the actions of education for development, communication, networking and our work hand by hand with organisations and social movements. The ORIGIN of ACSUR Las Segovias-dates back to 1986 when we made our first project in the region of Las Segovias in Nicaragua. Hence, our nickname is "Las Segovias" and from there comes the petroglyph that is the symbol of our partnership.


- The struggle against poverty and for sustainable human development.

- The political transformation of globalisation processes towards more fair, equitable and democratic models , based on peaceful cooperation among peoples.

- The empowerment of communities and disadvantaged groups, through the defence and promotion of human, economic, social and cultural rights of women and men.

- The strengthening and support of networks and social movements in the North and South for the promotion of participatory citizenship and solidarity.

- The promotion of strategies aimed at eliminating the androcentric, ethnocentric and patriarchal vision and division of the world as well as, the recognition of multiple identities which are part of a substantive equality between men and women.

- The preservation of the environment.

- The culture of peace.


For ACSUR solidarity is above everything. We understand solidarity as a relationship between equals, not between "donor" and "beneficial". We understand cooperation as a duty of the North to South, as part of reparation for the evils caused by colonialism and dependency. We endorse the demands, proposals, complaints, and the rebellion of the peoples of the South against the inequalities imposed by an unfair international order.


Our goal is to encourage citizens to participate in cooperation from a progressive and secular values view, for social transformation and not for charity, but for reasons of rights, solidarity and dignity.


We are an organisation where members decide, not a foundation headed by a board. We are plural : in ACSUR, different opinions and political and social sensitivities coexist with respect. We seek to agree on common decisions that guide the life of partnerships based on democratic procedures. We are an association that shares decision-making spaces and which distributes the different areas management work among our territorial organisations.


"We do politics." Politics based on the independence from political parties, unions or any other institution other than our members and associates. We believe that the effectiveness of the solidarity action requires taking a stand on all topics and events affecting relations between North and South. We consider essential to foster public lobby on public and private institutions that have decision-making power with the aim of driving their decisions for the benefit of social majorities.


which are the main figures of the broadest and best initiatives and who generate new ideas and proposals to build "another world". That’s why we are an active part of the process of the World Social Forum.


because equality between men and women is a fundamental value for ACSUR and our practice seeks to be consistent with this principle. That is why in our organisation women’s rights are not just the subject of some cooperation or educational projects. They are present and active in all our work, because we realize that to build a united world we must radically change men´s power relationships over women.


because we understand solidarity as a relationship between people and organisations that recognise each other as siblings and work together, shoulder to shoulder, in the North and South. That is why we belong, among other international networks to Grupo Sur, Eurostep, Red Euromed Human Rights ... That´s how we want to build a common project, based on learning and mutual support, that weaves a social fabric of solidarity.

ACSUR is a civic organization, plural and secular, committed with social transformation to build a model of equitable, democratic and sustainable development on a global scale for men and women. We want to contribute to the development of critical awareness of citizenship, supporting democratic participation and social organization processes from the scope of solidarity and international cooperation.

4 décembre 2007

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